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Dewi Sri Mask

Dewi Sri Mask. Underlying Balinese Hinduism is a deep animist connection to the forces of Nature.  This is a unique carving, an evolution from traditional icons of Dewi Sri Rice Goddess, one of several we discovered in a hidden workshop of inspired masters.  They represent the Green Man and Green Woman, part human, part plant---  creative abstractions of beautiful faces with vines, tendrils and dreamy forms.  Finely carved hibiscus wood. Price $425.

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"Healing, ritual and community---the goods that the indigenous world can offer to the West are the very things that the modern world is struggling with. Ritual in the indigenous world is aimed at producing healing, and the loss of such healing in the modern world might be responsible for the loss of community that we see. The problems experienced in the West, from the pain of isolation to the stress of hyperactivity, are brought on by the loss of community."
- Malidoma Patrice Somé , The Healing Wisdom of Africa

"What's necessary is for us to understand that really, at the root of things is community. At the deepest level, that's the center of things. We come out of community. So how then can we organize our economics so that it's based on community, not accumulation? And how can we organize our religion to teach us about community? And when I say 'community,' I mean the whole earth community. That's the ultimate sacred domain-the earth community."
-Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist. The Universe is a Green Dragon.

A great letter about creating a new meaningful experience with old Tibetan ritual tools from our collection:

Dear Inspired Planet,
This last holiday season, the members of my wife's Aikido dojo and I purchased an an antique Tibetan singing bowl from Thank you for your help in finding a perfect gift.
Here's what happened:
Christmas Day. A fresh blanket of snow; deer at the feeder and birds at theirs. The bowl arrived safely, in time for me to purchase wrapping cloth of appropriate colors. Leslie was pleased and impressed, even awed. The tone is beautiful. She is planning ways to include it in the ceremony which opens the dojo for the new year.

The dojo practices at a local university. A portable shomen, a shrine at the front of the room, was built by one of the members. The bowl sits on a cushion, between a flower arrangement and a portrait of Aikido's founder. The setting is simple and sparse, yet complete.
Creating a New Tradition:
The bowl was introduced to the dojo during 'kagami biraki' ceremonies marking the start of the new year. I'm told they didn't ring the bell the traditional 110 times(!) --- instead, a new tradition was begun: each student was given the chance to come forward, ring the bell, and if they wished, demonstrate something they had learned in the previous year.
It will be appreciated by many, on its new path forward through the centuries.
Thank you again for your help and patience in enriching the life of the dojo.

--Dwight- Potsdam, NY

Bell and Dorges sets rung in Tibetan ritual.

small $25  

large $120

Ganesh. Transcriber of the Ancient Scriptures, Guardian of Portals and Transitions, God of Strength, Knowledge, Friendship, Son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesh is the most popular of the Indian gods. This one is silvered bronze. The costume is painted in piquant colors. Thailand.

Antique Baker’s Weights from China. Pyramid shaped terra cotta with porcelain and blue glaze characters. The bottoms are cut for stamping the bread when it comes out of the oven. Uniform, but each is slightly different. 2½”, $27 each.

Tasting Spoons

Tasting Spoons- These fine rosewood spoons are handcrafted in Thailand. We selected each one for the quality of the carving, smoothness, feel of the handle, beauty of grain. It may not be seen in photo that the darker wood has an equal or superior color/pattern. Limited supply. 7”, $16.

Silver Hoop Earrings
Silver Hoop Earrings. This is our own design crafted in sterling with silver posts.  The earrings  are inspired by the naga spirals of Chinese Hill Tribe women. Available in
small $45 Medium$57 Large $69
buy buy buy
Some gold vermeil available.
Himalayan maidenMorgan
Himalayan maiden (left) at the village well, from our spring expedition to Nepal. Morgan (right), our bright summer elf at Inspired Planet, now at school in Scotland (Hogwarts!). Both girls are 14.
Inspired Planet is an On-Line collection and gallery in Lenox Massachusetts of artifacts, images and stories from classical, tribal and emerging cultures in Asia, Africa and America. Explore these features: Travel, Books, Jewelry, Photography, Slide Presentations, Paintings, Sacred Arts, Antiques and Stylish Home Furnishings --- for the Heart, Mind and Spirit.
We've recently returned to the Berkshires from fantastic trips to Egypt, Ethiopia, Thailand, Burma, India, Nepal, Tibet and most recently Mexico collecting artifacts, paintings, jewelry, sacred images and decorative objects. There are already items for sale in the store and more coming. Stay tuned to the website as we add pictures, stories and new artifacts.
Earth Rising Heaven’s Blessing
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Tomb Raider Movie Follows in Our Footsteps
We got a thrill seeing the fantastic ruins of Angkor Thom in the current blockbuster, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, which Inspired Planet features in a photography exhibition and lecture, Angkor-The Throne of Heaven. The film evokes old mythologies with a new kind of heroine, the gorgeous, Angelina Jolie, who has the brains, the body and the conscience to save the world. Despite the excessive budget and hype we found the story surprisingly satisfying. Behind the marvelous computer-generated action, are stage-sets rich with art, archeology and natural landscapes. Like Inspired Planet, everything depends upon synchronizing with the cosmos, collecting artifacts with meaning, and seeing the way it all fits together.
Link to Photography and Photolectures.

Ubiquitous music master/conductor.

John Cheney
John Cheney of the Berkshires, discovered a new sound with ancient roots at Inspired Planet. He then spent a year arranging to stage concerts in Europe and America. We were playing “Native Angels” by the Savae Vocal Ensemble, a lovely collection of 400 year old sacred songs composed by Spanish friars in the New World. Theirs was a collaboration of native voices and European polyphony spiced with occasional African percussion. The Berkshire Concert Choir presented the cross-cultural repertoire in Great Britain, Germany and France. At Inspired Planet we encourage and celebrate the creative marriage of different artistic traditions.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Composer
Creates Experimental Orchestral Theatre

The ethereal sound "which came out of nowhere" in Tan Dun"s multi-media musical performance at Tanglewood was created by Singing Bowls borrowed from the collection of Inspired Planet. The controversial composition, "Red Forecast", featured exotic Eastern sounds and surrealistic voice playing with symphony instruments. The orchestra was staged dramatically under a film montage.

For the full story click into Artifacts.

What was that great music you heard at
Inspired Planet?

Afro Celt Sound System--World music sensation! The group "compliments the Celtic harp with the African kora, an African harp-lute, and the bodhran, or Irish frame drum, with the tama, an African talking drum." The cross-cultural sounds mix into a spicey curry with catchy techno beats... <<More>>

Inspired Planet goes to the Movies
We were dazzled by the collection of art treasures in Sean Connery's luxurious lair in the suspense-thriller 'Entrapment'. This time 007 plays a world-class thief and Catherine Zeta-Jones his brilliant and stunningly beautiful protégé. Keep your eyes peeled during the sequences in his distinctive Scottish castle and you will see a rare bust of the ancient Cambodian God, Hari Hara. We have just such a piece in the collection at Inspired Planet. Check out the picture and story. Click to Hari Hara in Artifacts.

Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pharaohs
We were surprised to see the original of this unusual style in the current show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is an exquisite little sphinx just 4 inches long carved from dark grey schist stone from the 16th Dynasty, that is 2255-2246 BCE. The statue is identified as The Sphinx of Merenre I offering to Re of Heliopolis. It is the earliest known example of a sphinx with lamps in its paws.

See this product in the Den of Osiris

Another Satisfied Customer Dept.

"I bought a tiny amulet for marital harmony and it saved my marriage. We're not fighting anymore. Well, you've got to fight a little, but we're making up better...(laughter)... And I owe it all to Inspired Planet."
-Katie in Washington, MA

We remembered the precious talisman from Thailand, a small bronze man and woman embracing, and were curious how the amulet was actually used. She gave it to her husband for Christmas then they made a tradition--every New Year's Eve the couple bakes a cake with charms in it--a truly charming ritual that puts the magic back in life.

Young male Massai Warrior from Kenya, jubilant after impressing prospective girlfriends in traditional jumping contest. We loved the a cappella music provided by a line of smiling tribesmen, Mt. Kilamonjaro in the distance.

Pema Singh Lama, venerable dhamé medicine man performs healings in a remote region of the Nepalese Himalayas. We had the grace to chant with this jolly mystic. After puja and meditation he prepared magic tonics.

When you buy an artifact at Inspired Planet you are benefiting the artisans and their families—the woodsmen, weavers, miners and metalsmiths that gather and craft the teak, turquoise, silver and silk— you support the sons and daughters who carry on the techniques, the grandmothers and grandfathers that remember the stories, and hundreds of local folk who provide logistical support here and abroad. You become part of a worldwide system of intercultural exchange and expression.

When you give or receive a gift from Inspired Planet you encourage creativity, embrace beauty, sustain wisdom and celebrate nature. You are delving into life mysteries and sparking with the spirit emerging from the heart of the world.

Sumba King's Blanket
Sumba King's Blanket This royal tapestry shows the king and the two royal princes as well as many animals and powerful symbols under the sacred rice barn and over the tree of heads. Cotton Ikat. $1650

Green Tara
Green Tara Exquisite aged brass Buddhist goddess of wisdom and compassion. We collected this masterpiece from a family that has been making murtis for the last 700 years. $1250

Peruvian Angel Painting (1)
Peruvian Angel Painting (1) This is a fine example of a 17th century Spanish style oil painting by Inca Indians of Cusqueno school. The frame is carved cedar with copper leaf. $695

Peruvian Angel Painting (2)
Peruvian Angel Painting (2) This archangel in dandy costume makes a delightful complement to angel 1. It is the same quality but the carved cedar frame has no copper leaf. $495

Old Oil Painting on canvas in rustic wood frame. This man and woman are giving each other a knowing look. The style was popular in 19th century temple illustrations of the Jataka Tales. Siam. $150.

Rare old Wooden Stamps
Rare old Wooden Stamps used in ritual by Shamans of the Yao Tribe in the mountains of Yunnan, China.  Each carved wood block has been inked with 'blood' for printing a prayer.  A spirit animal carries the message to heaven when the prayer paper is burned at the altar.  There is an esoteric Taoist element.  

Elephant $85
Buy or Inquire
Pig $65
Buy or Inquire
Lion $57
Buy or Inquire
Lion Dog $65
Buy or Inquire
Each about 2 3/4" tall..

Planet Symbiosis
& Information
of Classical, Indigenous & Emerging Cultures
Full Moon Rising, Parthenon, Athens, Greece
Full Moon Rising, Parthenon, Athens, Greece
The Acropolis of classical Greece stands as one of the high points of human civilization. This is the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and geometry. Temples to the Olympian gods were erected atop this white rock commanding views of Attica to the Aegean Sea. During the preclassical era the Earth Goddess lived in her dark caves, then when the northern tribes triumphed over the shore people, an ivory and gold image of Athena was enthroned inside a marble shrine of perfect aesthetic and mathematical proportions. In the last two thousand years the Parthenon has been remade into a Byzantine church, an Ottoman mosque, bombed by Venetians and is now being reconstructed by archeologists from around the world, a symbol of our great, complicated collective heritage.

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Your purchases help support artisians and their families. By buying art and crafts you keep cultural traditions alive and empower us to continue the mission of Inspired Planet.
Feel free to email us anytime:
New Presentations for 2011
Photolecture Exploration Series
Ethiopia : Crossroads of Myth
Jerusalem : Quest for the Holy Land
Greece : Odyssey to Crete and Delphi
Colombia : The Golden Devices of the Momas
Hunzaland : The Legend and Reality of
Petra Ancient Caravanserai : The Fusion of Desert and Mediterranean Cultures

Amulets, artifacts, antiques-Florida Caravan Shows

Goods for Sale

Tibetan Treasure Boxes
-Hand painted Snow Lion and Tiger motifs With Double Dorge emblems on top, Himalayan pinewood-
Top Painting Sold

Nature Dewi

Nature Dewi. From ancient times, Balinese believed that the powers of nature rise up through the earth, through the rich dark soil, entering the roots of plants and trees. That life force is sacred and carries a blessing. When nature is seen, respected and integrated, earth and mankind will live in harmony. The face represents an Earth Dewi. Hand carved coffee wood.  39”,  245.
Amulets for Protection,Power and Healing

Buddha amulet

Buddha amulet, old silver and bronze, 1"x3/4", $33.
Torso with internal organs Exvoto
Torso with internal organs Exvoto, silver-$ 50.
Eyes Ex-voto from Sicily
Eyes Ex-voto from Sicily, silver- $33.
Silver Rattle SnakeSilver Rattle Snake
Silver Rattle Snake -Navajo Indian design-pendant AND pin $50.
Candleholder made from antique teakwood silk shuttle, Thailand -$33.
Suitable for tealights, tablets in center basin (not included)
rainbow buddha
rainbow buddha
Rainbow Buddha Siamese ClayTablets A connecting earth and heaven - $36
Rainbow Buddha Siamese ClayTablets B connecting earth and heaven - $45
huicho painting huicho painting huicho painting
Huichol Paintings - Symbolic maps and stories made by Mexican shamans
To communicate with the gods and illuminate the ritual peyote pilgrimage
22" square, mounted on wood-$450.
Top Painting Sold

Three Monkey Musicians. 
-Charming set of three minstrel monkeys dressed to entertain, playing drum, guitar and flute.  We found these hand painted pottery pieces in Thailand.  Quite unusual, probably royal court tradition from Lanna culture.  
Set of 3. 10” tall. $165.

Sterling silver Elephant Earrings
Sterling silver Elephant Earrings. 
-Adorable and auspicious, with trunks up.  Handmade in Thailand. Surprisingly light. $27

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