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New collections arrive each season from Africa, Asia and South America. On recent expeditions to Burma, Ethiopia, Java, Hunza, the Sahara, the Peruvian Andes, Amazonia, Thailand, Tibet, Bali,

Mali, Mexico, Rajasthan and the Himalayas we have gathered a vast array of decorative religious artifacts, paintings, photographs and stories to share with you. Explore our webchambers, gather intelligence, have fun shopping, contribute, communicate or visit the gallery in person.
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Medicine Man
Mambila - Kaka culture, Cameroon, West Africa. The statue of the medicine shaman signifies the presence of a powerful ancestor who brings the gift of healing. Coming from the spirit world and having served on earth, he has knowledge of supernatural causes and natural cures. His shaman's pouch apron is full of herbal medicines and magical substances which he has collected in the bush. From the Den of Osiris catalog.

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Last Updated: 10 June 2009

     "To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Vietnamese Ritual Gong 

Gongs (congs) are a vital element in the indigenous cultures of Vietnam because they possess essential powers. It is believed that they are inhabited by the spirit (yang ching) and therefore can only be beaten at ritual ceremonies and feasts. They are the means of communication between humans and the immortal beings, the ties between the two halves of the community, the past and the present, the visible and the invisible worlds. The person who owns the greatest number of gongs is highly respected, not as a possessor of worldly wealth, but as one who is protected by numerous spirits.

Gongs animate all important activities. When the newborn is one hundred days old, a gong representing an epic hero is brought to him. The eldest man of the village beats three rolls of the gong, as in combat, if it is a boy and three rolls of the gong, as in the harvest ritual, if it is a girl. These rolls blow sacred air into the child¹s ears. It is believed that the newborn is a gift of the sky and that the ears are blocked until they are opened by the gong ritual. This initiation rite connects the sky and the earth. A transmission takes place between the new community member and the community of the past.

The gong accompanies the child and the adult in the choice of land for cultivation, in the construction of houses, in the feast of the young rice, and in the asking for peace. It is rung at the feast of embarkation, the feast of closing the granary, the marriage feast, repairing the communal house, the buffalo sacrifice and the victory celebration. In all these activities the gong bearer circles around in a procession. The gong follows the deceased to his grave and guides his soul to the kingdom of ancestors after the ceremony of abandonment of the funeral house. 

Even poor families possess a series of gongs. Powerful and rich families may have many ensembles of gongs, which each set forming a system of particular tones. The system of tones differ from one ethnic group to another and from one region to another. An ensemble of gongs can be accompanied by a drum and a set of cymbals. The drum represents the sun and the gong represents the earth (or the female moon). These symbols illustrate the dynamic of yin and yang in the fertility cults of agricultural peoples. 


Diameter (inches)










Material: Hand tempered bronze
Culture: Animist / Ancestor Worship
Country: Vietnam
Age: Each piece old and experienced in ritual



Egyptian Scarab Pendent

To the ancients scarab beetles symbolized eternity and regeneration. Scarabs adorn the power amulets of the pharaohs and their queens. The backs have a magic incantation in hieroglyphics.

Material: Egyptian Silver
Size: 3/4" x 5/8"
Price: $22



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Egg Lamp
Egg Lamp
Spun copper and cotton lantern made exclusively for us. Comes with wooden base with electric socket and cord, casts a romantic glow. $64

Yoruba Bird Helmet
Yoruba Bird Helmet
This extraordinary dance helmet comes from the land of Voodoo in West Africa. The hat is woven rattan covered with magical mud. The highly stylized spirit bird sports a mohawk and holds a serpent. $850

Ethiopian Crosses
Ethiopian Crosses
Healing wands are carried by wandering priests in remote regions of Ethiopia. Made of brass and silvered nickel. Covered with sacred symbols. Limited quantity. $85 - $175

Two neckaces
Two neckaces
Mystical eye
pendant from a temple in remote western China strung with hill tribe silver and black onyx on silk. $95.

Marvelous tassel collection
beads with Karien flying saucer on necklace of old rudraska and lotus seeds. Bead pendant includes Persian turquoise, lapis lazuli, antique buttons, old coins, sacred lotus seeds, semi-precious stones. Exclusive design $175.

Dear Friends and Lover
Dear Friends and Lovers
The feeling of this sculpture is so sweet the way the faces meet, the dreamy expressions. Finely hand carved hibiscus wood from Bali. The artisan told us it was a man and woman in love, but it could be sisters. In any case the mood is lovely. It would be beautiful above a door. 16” x 7”, $175.

Lovers and Friends
Lovers and Friends
“I cherish you” is the message of this simple carving. The perfect romantic gift at a great price. Hand carved. 6 1/2” x 4 1/2”, $27.

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